How to Use and Not Use Lightroom Masks VIDEO
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How to Use (and Not Use) Lightroom Masks (VIDEO)

Understanding masks and masking techniques are essential to understanding how to use Lightroom to edit your photos. But Lightroom masks aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and you can easily misuse them, which will damage your photos.

In the below video, titled “The Problem with Lightroom Masks,” pro photographer Mark Denney explains the do’s and don’ts of how to use masks in Lightroom.

“In this week’s episode, we discuss the problem with Lightroom Masks, how it can hurt your landscape photos, and how you can solve it as well! I’m super excited to finally release my most requested tutorial series ever all about unlocking the full potential of Lightroom Masks and how these powerful tools can improve your photography,” Denney says.

“And in this video, I’ll share with you some of my favorite masking tips and tricks from my new course along with what I believe is the problem with Lightroom masks and an easy way that you can solve this in order to create more realistic landscape photos.”

So, if you’re confused about Lightroom masks and want to make sure you’re using them correctly, this video is for you. Denney walks you through his process on how to bring the power of Masks to improve your images. As usual he uses his own landscape photos as examples of how to polish your Lightroom masking techniques to perfection.

Check it out below and if you want more Lightroom advice, see another of our stories from today with three hidden Lightroom tools you really should be using.

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