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How to shoot stylized beauty portraits with just one light and a reflector

Keeping the volume of equipment you employ at a low degree can now and again be down to merely a loss of availability. But it is also that you simply’re merely restricted in what you’re in a position to lift with you to shoot at a shopper’s location. Or, perhaps you just need to carry issues proper back off to the naked minimal to in point of fact perceive light and how your equipment works.

Whatever the rationale, Lindsay Adler is right here to lend a hand. Using just a unmarried strobe with a giant softbox and a giant reflector (on this case, a white v-flat) she creates a very efficient and dramatic portrait. That’s the important thing phrase right here, even though. Big. Big light assets produce gorgeous light for portraits as Lindsay demonstrates on this shot breakdown.

The video is going via Lindsay’s entire lighting fixtures procedure for a consultation, together with the equipment used, positions for the entirety (equipment and the topic) and the settings used. She talks about why issues are arrange in a explicit means so as to make certain there’s sufficient light at the background, the topic and bouncing off that gigantic white v-flat reflector.

Lindsay’s taking pictures with the Canon EOS R5 and the RF 24-105mm f/4 lens with a Profoto strobe of a few type alongside with a large 65″ diffused umbrella. But you’ll use any camera and lens for this kind of factor in addition to just about any strobe and huge softbox. I more than likely wouldn’t take a look at it with a speedlight, even though. They just don’t in point of fact have the ability and light distribution to fill a huge softbox. But in case you don’t have a strobe but, you have to get started off with one thing just like the reasonably priced Godox MS300 and Glow EZ Lock 48″ Deep Parabolic softbox.

Working with just a unmarried light may also be difficult for a selection of causes that Lindsay highlights within the video, however when you be told to embody the minimalist setup and perceive precisely what the light is doing at any given second, you realise just how little package you’ll get through with.

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