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How to shoot action portraits on location using a wide angle lens

I like using wide-angle lenses on location (even though I don’t do it anyplace just about as incessantly as I will have to). They’re incredible for appearing your topics within the context of our surroundings, taking part in their environment. They can in reality suck you into now not handiest the sensation of the location however the temper of the topic, too. They’re now not all the time simple to shoot, regardless that.

In this video, Pye Jirsa displays us how he makes use of wide-angle lenses on location for engagement shoots to shoot action portrats and create photographs that he describes as “alive and immersive”. Pye talks about a selection of ways that provide a lot of various choices for using wide-angle lenses on location.

The video opens up with Pye beginning with a longer Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens on the Canon EOS R5 to illustrate the usual kinds of action portraits that individuals may opt for on one thing like an engagement shoot. You’re status long ago, with a quite shallow intensity of box, with the most obvious center of attention on your topics and little or no context concerning the setting. But then he switches over to the 24-70mm f/2, which provides a a lot wider angle of view and a shiny f/2 aperture so you’ll be able to nonetheless get a quite shallow intensity of box even at the ones brief focal lengths.

When you notice the adaptation between the photographs shot with lengthy and brief focal lengths, even if the couple themselves keep about the similar dimension within the body, you in reality do understand an glaring distinction within the temper and feeling of the photographs. The topics glance greater than lifestyles and supply a lot of environmental context. The herbal point of view distortion you get with a wide-angle lens when topics are shut to the lens simply complements the impact.

Although Pye’s using the Canon RF 24-70mm f/2L IS lens on this video, he usually recommends a 24mm or 35mm top as a substitute – for those who’re using a full-frame sensor. If you’re using a crop sensor, you’ll need to move a little bit wider.

I in reality want to bear in mind to take my wide-angle lenses out extra incessantly on portrait shoots.

[via SLR Lounge]

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