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How to Create PERFECT Light for Boudoir Photos (VIDEO)

Great lights in boudoir pictures is vital. How to create the fitting gentle for an attention-grabbing underwear photograph can also be tough even though.

Fortunately, boudoir and glamour photography pro Karl Taylor stocks the recipe for stunning boudoir lights within the beneath video. In the clip, Taylor walks you thru one in every of his boudoir shoots and explains how he created the stunner of a shot on the 0:12-second mark of the video.

“With the set constructed and the style able to roll, it used to be time to craft the very best lights setup for this underwear shot,” Taylor says. “How many lighting fixtures would it not take? Which modifiers and props would I want to seize the very best symbol?”

If you’ve gotten ever sought after to see what it is like to carry a professional-quality boudoir photograph from setup to seize, processing and ultimate symbol, watch Taylor’s educational.

“In this video, I stroll you step by step thru my lights diagram,” he says. “You’ll uncover precisely what it took to get the lights proper, together with how I created that heat vignetted background glow whilst additionally attaining brilliant three-dimensionality for the style. Pause the video at 0:12 and learn about the picture to see if you’ll be able to figure out what I did.”

Check it out beneath. The video is a follow-up to an previous educational from Taylor the place he explained how to capture a lingerie photo with surroundings.

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