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How to create clean simple product shots with just one light and a bit of AI

Have you ever questioned how you’ll be able to create top quality product shots the usage of just one velocity light? Dustin Dolby from Workphlo display us how to do just that during his newest video, and it’s in point of fact very simple. I’m a large fan of the usage of minimum equipment if you’ll be able to, and I like to use just one light supply when conceivable. As you’ll be able to see from Dustin’s ultimate photographs you’ll be able to create a very forged having a look e-commerce kind symbol with this system.

First, let’s take a look at Dustin’s set-up. Now he’s photographing every of the pieces one at a time to get them as clean as conceivable. They shall be composited in combination afterward in submit, as would be the mirrored image so no use to concern about that. He has a Speedlight fastened inside of a strip box. This is then positioned at the back of a scrim or piece of translum to additional diffuse the light. To create that lovely gradient merely position the strip field at an perspective to the scrim. This is lighting fixtures up the camera left aspect of the thing.

The highlights want to be equivalent at the lipstick tube so Dustin takes a small white card to use as a reflector to create the highlights at the camera proper aspect of the thing. Notice how shut the cardboard is to the topic. Another factor I spotted this is a nice concept is that Dustin is dressed in gloves to maintain the lipstick. This is to steer clear of getting fingerprints at the floor which I will inform you can be a proper nuisance to have to take away in Photoshop!

So now we have now the shots, Dustin takes the pictures into a picture processing instrument referred to as Auto-Retouch which may be very suave and makes use of AI. The idea of this instrument is to simplify and accelerate making clipping paths and picks and taking away backgrounds, aimed specifically for e-commerce kind pictures. It turns out like an enchanting piece of instrument and makes use of a pay-as-you-go style. It turns out to do a lovely spectacular activity, even supposing the AI in Photoshop could also be excellent at auto choose at the moment so I’m curious to see if Auto-retouch does it sooner or can organize batches higher.

After the photographs were masked Dustin brings them into Photoshop for some elementary clean up. The reflections are created by means of copying the topic layer, flipping it vertically and then decreasing the opacity and making use of a gradient. You can then composite the entire topics in combination into one very clean symbol with reflections and a completely white background. All executed with just one Speedlight (and some suave instrument).


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