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How high am I? A tip for seagoing drone pilots

This is a snappy tip for drone pilots capturing boats. Rather than taking a look on the display for your controller to peer what altitude your drone is at, have a look at the horizon.

If you’re photographing boats with a drone you will need to to know the way high you’re above the rainy stuff. Too low and also you possibility clipping a wave, no longer high sufficient and it’s essential run into the boat you’re capturing.

My tip…

If you’ll be able to see the horizon within the body, then the place the horizon bisects the boat is similar stage above the water because the Drone.

E.g. In this shot, the Drone is solely above the peak of the Radar however under the highest of the Sat Com.

In this shot, the Drone is on the peak of the Anchor, possibly 2 Metres above the water.

In this shot, the Drone is on the peak of the highest of the mast.

In this shot, we’re lovely low, possibly 1.5 Metres.

In this shot the Drone is on the peak of the bottom of the Sat Com dome.

In this shot, the Drone is … Oooops.

Nah simply kidding.

When over water, it may be tough to pass judgement on your actual altitude. You may just use the reported altitude out of your controller however this is measured the use of a barometer constructed into the drone. The base/take off size is taken when the Drone is began on board the boat. When you fly out over chilly water that barometric drive will lose its relevance to the preliminary size because the air density isn’t like the take-off level.

Also, a bunch on a display has restricted usefulness. Relative peak is the vital measure.

I’m hoping this little tip will lend a hand my fellow Drone pilots who would possibly not have already been conscious about this courting between the horizon and altitude.

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Chris Cameron is business photographer primarily based in New Zealand. After spending a few years travelling the arena as paid staff on yachts, he switched his vocation to photographing them. You can in finding out extra about Chris on his website. This article used to be additionally revealed here and shared with permission.

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