Hand in Hand
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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

To capture more detail in the sky or in the clouds, underexposure works best. Photograph/Saurabh Bhatia

What you see in the photograph, is a very common sight, but it has little to do with what you see and everything to do with the way you see. When I noticed these gloves drying on a wire, it evoked a sense of a human bonding. Before I decided to capture it, I already had visualised this frame as a silhouette (they fascinate me). The bright sky helped me render the gloves as silhouettes and the clouds lent a dramatic background to the overall composition. Deciding whether your picture should be B&W or colour in post procesisng totally depends on the balance of colors in the frame. The only colour in my frame was the blue of the sky, which was taking away all the attention from the subject I decided to turn it to black and white.

You can involve your environment or surroundings to compose a strong frame, all you have to do is to observe these situations and make a picture in your mind before you make a picture in the camera.

—Saurabh Bhatia

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