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DIY Tutorial: How To Make An LCD Viewfinder

Sarang Naik takes you thru a step by step educational for creating a viewfinder in your camera’s LCD display screen.

All photographers face an anxious drawback when capturing outdoor– as a result of the solar’s vibrant mild, it turns into virtually not possible to study the photographs at the camera’s LCD display screen. An LCD viewfinder or an LCD Loupe lend a hand to unravel that drawback. Their design is reasonably easy– a light-tight field the dimensions of the display screen with a watch piece. LCD Loupes even have a glass component to enlarge and concentrate on the picture.

A Hoodman LCD Loupe

A Hoodman LCD Loupe

Now to shop for such a, you are going to almost certainly need to shell out anyplace between Rs. 3000 to Rs.10,000. If you don’t need to spend that a lot, then you’ll simply make one your self. I will be able to display you the way in a couple of simple steps. Note that I’ve no longer used any glass component in my viewfinder to stay issues easy and since I in my opinion to find it redundant. So let’s start:

Things You Will Need:
1. To make the field, I’ve used a black corrugated plastic sheet. The value is Rs. 90 for a big sheet. If you’ll’t to find one, then a cardboard sheet will do the activity as smartly. You too can use any plastic container if it’s the identical dimension because the LCD display screen. Look for the rest mendacity round your own home that you’ll recycle.

2. An eyecup. I used the eyecup of a damaged plastic telescope.

3. Adhesive tape or glue to carry the portions in combination, brown tape to make it sturdier and black electric tape to cushion the sides.

4. Measuring scale, cutter and pencil. Also, one thing pointed, reminiscent of a compass for step 3.

Step 1: Measure the LCD Screen Dimensions
Measure the precise period and breadth of your display screen with the size. I’ve a Canon EOS 500D and its LCD display screen is 6 cm by means of 4.5 cm. After some trial and blunder, I finalised the size for my DIY viewfinder: width 6 cm, breadth 5.5 cm and peak 11 cm.

Make positive the peak of the viewfinder is such that your eye can focal point correctly at the symbol. If it’s too brief, then you are going to have bother focusing.

Step 2: Cut the Parts
Properly measure out and lower the portions from the sheet. You must finally end up with 3 portions as proven within the symbol beneath:

Step 3: Cut a Hole For the Viewfinder
Cut a hollow the form of your eyecup at the most sensible a part of the viewfinder. For reducing a super round hollow, first mark the circle at the sheet. Now, the use of a compass, pierce as many small holes alongside its circumference as conceivable. Then sign up for those holes the use of the cutter and you are going to have a lovely easily lower hollow.

Step 4: Tape It Up!
Instead of the use of glue, right here’s what I did– I first used some adhesive tape to sign up for the portions in combination. Then I used a variety of brown tape to make it robust and rock forged. The black plastic is a bit of translucent, so the brown tape additionally is helping to chop any mild leakage.




Step 5: Soften the Base
This is to steer clear of scratching the display screen with the bottom of the viewfinder. Properly tape up all of the pointed and tough edges. You too can use a rubber gasket or the padding used for headphones.


And that’s it! Your DIY Camera LCD Viewfinder is in a position in 5 simple steps and its filth affordable too.

What More Can You Do:

1. Make an LCD Loupe. Buy a small magnifying lens or use one from a couple of inexpensive binoculars or a toy telescope. Make positive you fine-tune the placement of the lens ahead of you glue it to the eyepiece.

2. Use a robust pair of rubber bands to carry the viewfinder cosy to the LCD display screen.

If you could have any concepts of your personal or any queries referring to this educational, let me know within the feedback.

This article at the start gave the impression within the May 2014 factor of Better Photography.

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