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Dee Dwyer on the importance of true historical representation

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This article is outlined in the newest factor of British Journal of Photography mag, Activism & Protest, delivered direct to you with an 1854 Subscription.

For the previous part decade, Dee Dwyer has documented the ongoing protests going on in her town, Washington DC,  feeling it her responsibility to inform the tale from the standpoint of the Black group.

Dee Dwyer grew up in Washington, DC, a town she describes as a “battlefield for trade”. Using images, she tirelessly paperwork the Black Lives Matter and anti-racist protests that experience taken position in the town since 2015, together with the toppling and burning of the statue of Confederate basic Albert Pike on Juneteenth 2020. The documentary photographer has additionally attended pro-Trump marches, captured grime bikers on the streets, and photographed childbirth, representing her ongoing passion in a wide variety of radical acts that form the public awareness. Dwyer’s pictures had been broadly printed via platforms together with The Guardian, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. They are phase of a very powerful counter narrative in the mainstream media, the place the motion is incessantly portrayed via white photographers for white spectators with hyperbolic drama.

Dwyer came upon a love for black-and-white images whilst finding out for a BFA in film-making, amid the potent context of her daily setting: “I’ll be out for lunch and notice a protest,” she quips. This, paired with an undeviating creative imaginative and prescient, set her on a brand new trail to empower thru photographs. We see strains of her coaching in the cinematic sensibilities of her paintings, pictures that seize the emotional depth and the effervescent pressure. Without descending into sensationalism, she as a substitute chooses to focal point on the folks and moments which might be neglected in the midst of the crowd’s momentum.  

June 6 2020 Protesters at the Freedom Fighters Protest lat Dirksen © Dee Dwyer.

© Dee Dwyer.

What do you imply while you consult with Dee Dwyer Jonts? What does ‘jonts’ consult with?

‘Jonts’ is [Washington] DC lingo for joints, referring to objects. Spike Lee calls his movies Spike Lee Joints, so I consult with my photographs as Dee Dwyer Jonts to offer them that ‘DC flava’. Growing up, I used to be impressed via the approach Lee represented Brooklyn and his storytelling abilities about his personal group, such a lot in order that I went on to check film-making. It used to be all through a black-and-white movie images elegance for my level that I came upon my love for images. My function used to be to rep south-east DC, the place I grew up, and inform our tales to the global as nicely. Soufside, as we name it, is the hidden gem throughout the bridge from the White House, complete of Black other people and tradition. 


How did your documentary protest paintings, in particular of the BLM protests, evolve from the first sequence of protest pictures you shot, titled Tension?

In 2018, when Trump used to be president, white supremacists held a protest in DC and Black Lives Matter led a counter-protest to close them down. I went out on my own with my camera to file it. It used to be the greatest anti-racist protest I’d ever witnessed at the moment. That’s after I determined to take documenting the motion extra significantly, as a result of I felt that there weren’t sufficient Black visible storytellers reporting from the entrance strains. I noticed how the protesters preventing the excellent battle to finish racism have been badly represented in the media. I knew the importance of having the ones historical moments informed the proper approach. During the 2020 protests and pandemic, it used to be a religious calling for me. It used to be my responsibility.  

© Dee Dwyer.

Knuckle Head who’s an area DMV rapper is at MLK Deli’s 1 12 months birthday party in Southeast, D.C.© Dee Dwyer.

“All I take into accout is appearing the reality. I intention to inform a well-balanced tale. I intention to place humanity first and to transparent up any misconceptions. “

What goes thru your thoughts while you’re at those protests? Previously you’ve stated that photographing them is a strategy to give a form to what’s going down, to realize it by hook or by crook.

All I take into accout is appearing the reality. I intention to inform a well-balanced tale. I intention to place humanity first and to transparent up any misconceptions.  


You appear to try this with a particular aesthetic method. There’s a timelessness on your photographs. 

I really like black-and-white photographs. It’s as a result of I believe they’re undying. It forces one to focal point extra on what’s going down in the pictures slightly than the colors. My taste of images is uncooked. I love to get with reference to the folks I’m documenting. I would like other people to revel in what’s going down in the photograph and now not simply stare at it.  


I’ve additionally spotted your photographs focal point slightly closely on male our bodies and topics, on each the protesters’ and police facet. There’s incessantly a muscular male presence, regardless that it’s not at all times threatening or violent – you appear to create an ambiguity round males and their energy.

It’s humorous to me that you just say that. I stated to myself not too long ago, ‘Wow, I {photograph} so much of men’. I thought of this for a very long time someday and realised it’s as a result of rising up I used to be at all times surrounded via males: my dad and his buddies, or my male cousins. I grew up in a space with brothers. I revel in being round so much of males. But at the similar time, I see how society perspectives men and the way they’re restricted to how they specific themselves as a result of they’re compelled to reside as much as a belief of being robust, leading to them now not appearing a lot emotion. I believe I’m naturally interested in that male power or that power is interested in me. I’ve a transparent figuring out of girls as a result of I’m one, however males, I attempt to perceive issues from their views extra and percentage it. Perhaps it’s as a result of they’re the reverse intercourse from what I determine as. I incessantly use my camera to take a look at to transparent up misconceptions positioned upon the misunderstood, and for me, Black males are the maximum misunderstood other people in the global. The Black guy is compelled to be silent and most effective display energy. I love to focal point on each their energy and vulnerability.  

A tender lady sits in her artwork elegance in a daze. She gave the look to be deep in concept with so much on her thoughts. This photograph is from my sequence Last Bite of Chocolate City? © Dee Dwyer.

“[…] as a grown girl, when I’ve to get into [men’s] areas, I lift that very same power – via allowing them to know thru my dominant presence that I can fearlessly inform their tales as nicely. I intention to turn the global what it’s made of at the finish of the day. This comprises the excellent, unhealthy and unsightly.”

Is this a call-to-arms towards the patriarchy in some way?

It’s simply me letting the brothers know that I see them, listen them and perceive them. It’s me allowing them to know that their tales are secure with me. I’m my brothers’ keeper. I at all times had been and at all times shall be. 


When you {photograph} white males, are you ever anxious?

The men I {photograph} who obviously don’t like me as a result of of the color of my pores and skin and now not the content material of my personality, you realize, the white supremacists? Growing up, I used to be thought to be a tomboy. I by no means subsidized down from a problem from the boys – all of them revered me as a result of of this. Now, as a grown girl, when I’ve to get into [men’s] areas, I lift that very same power – via allowing them to know thru my dominant presence that I can fearlessly inform their tales as nicely. I intention to turn the global what it’s made of at the finish of the day. This comprises the excellent, unhealthy and unsightly. 

On May 31, 2020 Protesters at the protest for George Floyd and others who is been mistreated via Police in Washington, D.C. Telling a Black Officer that “At the finish of the Day her badge does not topic as a result of at the finish of the day she black.”

How do you are feeling about the dynamics of protests, the worry some other people have of them? Is it a great way of galvanising trade? 

It’s maximum certainly efficient! It’s a strategy to put force on individuals who aren’t making sensible and respectful choices to switch their tactics of considering thru motion. If it’s led proper, it’s a powerful motion with effects main to switch. It’s now not a lovely battle, it’s tough, mentally and bodily tiring. As John Lewis mentioned, there’s not anything fallacious with coming into excellent bother. 


You’ve been provide at such a lot of landmark protests lately, what do you assume defines protest in our generation? 

In our instances, protests for a excellent purpose may well be outlined as actions had to put an finish to long-lasting trauma and the wrongdoings towards the misunderstood and unappreciated other people of the global.  

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