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Canon confirms that they do not consider EOS R3 to be a “flagship” camera

Well, it could price $6,000 and feature a function set that blows the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III away in maximum respects however it seems that, the Canon EOS R3 isn’t classed as a flagship style. In an interview with Canon’s David Parry at The Photography Show in England closing week, it was once printed that Canon doesn’t consider the EOS R3 to be a flagship camera principally as it doesn’t have the sturdiness of the 1DX collection.

Sure, the EOS R3 would possibly comprise a lot of options identical to the 1DX Mark III, be centered against a identical target audience, or even be a lot better in some ways, however nope, not a flagship. All this regardless of the reality that it’s these days Canon’s most costly RF mount camera, with a value on par with former flagship DSLRs from each Canon and Nikon.

The EOS R3 has the elements sealing and dirt coverage of the 1DX Mark III, even if Canons says it’s not as sturdy. So, it’s not going to be in a position to take somewhat the thrashing that the 1DX collection regularly does when utilized in harsh prerequisites. For some would-be customers of this camera, that gained’t be a lot of a worry however when you’re travelling into the arctic wastelands or a warzone, it’s a very powerful attention.

David didn’t ascertain or deny whether or not an EOS R1 true flagship style is at the method, however I believe it’s lovely evident that it will have to be. After all, they can’t in reality say that the EOS R3 isn’t a flagship after which not have one, can they? After all, the EOS 1DX Mark III does nonetheless beat the EOS R3 in a few techniques, just like the aforementioned sturdiness, but in addition mechanical shutter framerate, buffer dimension and extra.

It makes you marvel, regardless that… When a $6,000 camera isn’t regarded as a flagship, simply what the EOS R1 will be in a position to do compared and what sort of that one goes to price. Given how just right the EOS R3 already seems to be, regardless that, I believe we will be able to be expecting a hypothetical EOS R1 to be one thing lovely particular!

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