The moment I found this dump, I drew a sketch to convey what we are doing to our environment. I almost burnt my own fingers in the process! Photograph/Ben Heine
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Ben Heine: Pencil Vs Camera!


The moment I found this dump, I drew a sketch to convey what we are doing to our environment. I almost burnt my own fingers in the process! Photograph/Ben Heine

The second I discovered this unload, I drew a caricature to put across what we’re doing to the environment. I nearly burnt my very own hands within the procedure! Photograph/Ben Heine

Visual author Ben Heine integrates imaginative sketches with real-world images in a novel endeavour to mix two arts and create an entire new international.

My Assignment

  • Description
    To create an international the place truth meets creativeness, through the use of drawing and pictures.
  • Duration
    An ongoing venture that I began a yr in the past.
  • Notes
    The probabilities are unending. If you can not draw, you’ll even position a photograph within a photograph!

Both pictures and artwork are with reference to my middle. As a photographer and artist, I’ve at all times been excited about stretching the limits of the medium. How do I take my sketches to another degree, and try one thing that has now not been explored too continuously? Alternatively, can I come across a pictures idea this is distinct and distinctive?

My Perspective
I slowly began interested by how I may just mix those two ardent passions of mine. This used to be after I come across the speculation for the Pencil Vs Camera sequence.
This is similar to the idea that of an international within some other international, one thing that we will most effective dream of and consider. It is the place pictures meets drawing, truth meets creativeness, and the sector out of doors says hi to the sector within my head.

The Process
Mixing a drawing and a photograph is if truth be told somewhat easy. I first make a drawing on a small white piece of paper. Then, I dangle the paper in entrance of the scene that fits the caricature, and take an image of my hand conserving the paper.
However, there were instances that I’ve experimented with different ways. One can take {photograph} of a scene and make a actually massive print. Then, one can do the caricature and position it in entrance of the print. Alternatively, one can mix the caricature and picture digitally as smartly.
Travelling within your creativeness is at all times thrilling. I experience capturing portraits, animals and photographs of items I like. In truth, this sequence is so much about love and friendship. My hand is at all times visual within the photos, and that emphasises an intimate attach between the viewer and the scene.
I at all times take a look at to attract issues which are attached with the background. However, an added twist comes via after I play with the weather and use my creativeness.
Of path, if you want to take a look at one thing equivalent, you’ll take a look at tweaking the speculation a little bit. The sketches can also be in color, or in the event you have no idea how to attract, you’ll even take a photographic print and position it throughout the scene!
I’m certain that the general public like this paintings, it doesn’t matter what language they discuss or tradition they practice. It is one thing that speaks to kid within us. Most importantly, it permits us to dream perpetually.

To Try A Similar Body of Work



  • Look at The World: Take inspiration from the sector round you. You can play with scenes you go through on a regular basis, or folks you recognize.
  • Have a Sense of Humour: Besides storytelling sketches, images that make the viewer smile are those who paintings best possible.
  • Keep it Simple: The best possible concepts are continuously the most simple ones you’ll do.



This article at the beginning gave the impression within the June 2011 factor of Better Photography.

To see extra of Ben’s thoughts boggling paintings, you’ll consult with

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