1650648992 75 An Unconventional Look at Flowers
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An Unconventional Look at Flowers

When you think of flowers, you always imagine bright colours, vibrant textures and beautiful patterns. What if we turned that notion around completely, and present a flower in the most stripped down version possible?

1650648992 75 An Unconventional Look at Flowers

Converting an image to B&W will show you various patterns and textures you may miss otherwise. Photograph/Vijay Kumar Puthiyaveetal

This is what I set about, when I decided to photograph a flower. A simple close-up is the first thing that will come to mind, so I thought of doing something different. Instead of showcasing the flower from the outside, I chose to look at it from the inside, and I think it worked well.

I only wanted to show an outline of a flower, to make it barely recognisible. This is the reason why I converted the image to black and white. The stamens subtly tell the viewer that it is, in fact, a flower they are looking at. I like the idea that a single subject can be open to so many interpretations. Even in its simplicity, it is beautiful. Best of all, this is how I saw the flower and this is why it is unique to me.

—Vijay Kumar Puthiyaveetal


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