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Add a remote to any tablet teleprompter for $23

Here at DIYP HQ, we’re the use of a teleprompter to lower down on takes and feature a extra streamlined “speaking head”. Using a prompter has considerably stepped forward our workflow and lower down on recording and modifying occasions. In this instructional, we’ll display you the way to upload a remote keep an eye on to nearly any tablet prompter device which is able to streamline your workflow much more.

Teleprompters have come a great distance because the creation of capsules. Not goodbye in the past, you had to purchase a big teleprompter device which might price 1000’s of greenbacks. But now, you’ll be able to get a respectable prompter for about 400 greenbacks, and use a tablet as a observe. The Datavideo TP-300 which we’re the use of here’s a nice instance for such a setup.

Some teleprompters have remotes, however this hack can upload a remote to nearly any prompter app. Specifically, we checked out Parrot Prompter and Elegant Prompter which can be a few of the extra widespread prompter apps available in the market. But this hack will paintings with nearly any teleprompter app.

The best hectic factor with prompter apps is the desire to swipe the tablet to scroll up and down the textual content. But this will also be solved relatively simply with a mini USB keyboard. Those are quite affordable, and simply to be had in more than a few bureaucracy, even in a remote control form factor.

With a extra complicated app just like the Elegant teleprompter, we have been ready to take it to your next step and assign shortcuts to the most typical purposes like pace trade, scrolling, zooming, or even leaping paragraphs again and ahead. without a doubt well worth the $3 we paid for the app. Getting to this setup possibility is straightforward through clicking Settings -> Remote Settings, after which assigning every serve as a button through urgent that button. (This is more or less like setting up a gamer’s mouse).

The best different element you may want is an OTG cable to attach the dongle that includes the keyboard to the tablet. Those are relatively reasonable as smartly at about $7.

If you opted for one of the crucial inexpensive remotes, you’ll be able to upload wi-fi keep an eye on to your teleprompter for below $23

I’m curious if somebody here’s the use of a an identical setup, so please tell us if you understand how this will also be stepped forward.


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