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A new print sale is raising funds to evacuate eight Afghan photographers

In a joint collaboration with UN companies, Dotter and Wahdiy were establishing images workshops for the scholars during the last two years. “Both an overly intense and rewarding revel in, it allowed me to witness the combat Afghan folks face each day,” Dotter explains. “When I requested them to inform me why they sought after to change into photographers, the solution used to be unified. They felt like the sector simplest is aware of Afghanistan within the context of struggle and distress… They sought after to display the sector their nation, their tradition, and their heritage.”

The fundraiser is produced in partnership with the ERE Foundation, an international organisation hard duty from inside the type business. They act as an open platform, connecting creatives for positive-impact initiatives. The platform has invited 100 photographers to promote prints – priced at $80 – so as to carry funds to protected the evacuation and resettlement of the eight photographers.

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