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A new photography zine focused on equality

“Everyone who has contributed is equivalent,” asserts Tom Carpenter. An ethos, which is the motive force in the back of Our Collective Breath (OCB), a new photography zine focusing on the broader image-making group. “The thought of dividing the income up similarly between all of the participants used to be essential for us, in particular when paintings and alternatives have been nearly non-existent as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. People within the inventive industries are extra ceaselessly than no longer anticipated to paintings without spending a dime, so we felt it used to be the appropriate time to give you the chance shall we pay all participants similarly.”

The Cornwall-based photographer started paintings on the zine, the theme of which is Play, Explore, Experiment, right through the primary UK lockdown. “I had sought after to create a published e-newsletter for some time, and I sought after it to be one thing that might make stronger fellow artists and photographers,” Carpenter says. “I were given in contact with a dressmaker,” he provides. “Lots of peoples’ paintings alternatives were put on hang and we would have liked to make one thing that showcased the photographers’ paintings whilst additionally making sure they have been paid similarly for his or her contribution.”

Here, Carpenter displays on the inventive procedure in the back of the zine.

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