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A lyrical, literary journey through cities along the Mediterranean Sea

For Sub Sole, Mascaro spent just about a month in each and every of the seven cities along the Mediterranean Sea: Ceuta, Naples, Palermo, Athens, Istanbul, Tunis, and Lampedusa. His roadmap used to be in response to Ulysses’ voyage in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. “This founding fable gave the impression supreme for geographically exploring a much broader Mediterranean,” says Mascaro, mentioning that they importantly traverse routes of recent migration. 

This pastime in migration advanced right through his first challenge, Ramo, during which he traveled to the Southern Italian village the place his grandparents lived ahead of immigrating to Northern France. “Starting from the internet of a circle of relatives tale,” Mascaro explains, “I encountered the internet of a bigger tale: the Mediterranean one, the tale of its a lot of departures, of its actual financial difficulties, of a peasant global on the decline, of a nonetheless archaic Calabria, of its younger individuals who, even as of late, flee the South to paintings in the North.” Sub Sole is formidable in its far-reaching material, nimbly alluding to and weaving in combination narratives round “European tradition, mythologies, southern Europe, and migration”.

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