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5 Key Camera Settings for Attention-Grabbing Bird Photos (VIDEO)

For the ones new to natural world images, birds supply a superb opportunity for taking pictures spectacular photographs. If you’re fortunate sufficient to have a natural world shelter within reach, that’s an excellent spot to begin. But you’ll be able to additionally make some nice images to your personal yard.

Whether you’re a amateur or a extra skilled photographer, you’ll be able to build up your proportion of “keepers” via configuring your camera correctly. In the video beneath you’ll see how one skilled shooter does simply that.

Sean Leahy calls himself an amateur as a result of he doesn’t make a residing as a photographer. Nonetheless, his gorgeous imagery would make any professional proud. In the five-minute video beneath, Leahy finds what he says are the “5 camera settings that I think are absolute best for photographing birds.”

Leahy demonstrates his recommendation whilst taking pictures on a chilly day in Duluth at the a long way west finish of Lake Superior. He starts via explaining how he units his camera to meter a scene, and why his manner is especially vital with continuously converting scenarios like taking pictures birds in flight.

You’ll additionally see how Leahy configures his camera for steady taking pictures, which he says is ”one tip numerous photographers forget.” He additionally explains his most popular solution to taking pictures when the use of a high-speed steady mode for each fast-moving and desk bound topics.

The different settings Leahy discusses come with the spot metering mode, his most popular autofocus choices for quite a lot of scenarios, and why he all the time shoots the use of a unmarried focal point level within the middle of the viewfinder. While looking at the video you’ll temporarily understand that Leahy’s recommendation turns out to be useful for all kinds of natural world topics—no longer simply birds.

You’ll to find extra nice fowl images tips about Leahy’s You Tube channel, so ensure and have a look.

And don’t omit an instructional we posted from any other natural world photographer, explaining how to capture razor-sharp photos of birds and different natural world topics.

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