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5 Favorite Tips for Fantastic Fall Photos (VIDEO)

Autumn is a favorite season for many outdoor photographers because of the stunning warm colors that paint the landscape from coast to coast. Yet even when confronted with a beautiful scene, it’s sometimes difficult to capture the vibrance of what you see through the viewfinder.

In the straightforward tutorial below, for beginners and experienced shooters alike, you’ll learn what one experience pro considers his five favorite tips for capturing the spender of fall.

Ian Plant is the Founder of Photo Masters, a popular instructional YouTube channel for passionate enthusiasts and enthusiastic pros. He insists that the advice he provides in this episode with enable you “to make stunning autumn images that will be the envy of all your photo friends.”

5 Favorite Tips for Fantastic Fall Photos VIDEO

As with all forms of photography, careful preparation is the key, and Plant begins with several online resources for chasing the best fall colors, so you’ll be ready to go at the peak of action (wherever you live) as the season progresses. You’ll find a link to these helpful aids in the description beneath the video.

Plant points out that if you shoot in the mountains, the maximum intensity of fall colors typically varies by elevation. This means that if you’re too late for the explosion of color at one elevation, you can merely head up or down until you find the right location.

You’ll also see the best way to use light, with Plant explaining that backlit scenes deliver great results— with leaves that appear to glow from within. He then explains how to achieve impressive results by properly employing side-lighting as well.

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Plant includes more composition tricks, some great suggestions for achieving proper exposures, explains how to use contrast and reflections to advantage, and much more. So take a close look and put these helpful tips to work.

You can find more great tips and tricks on Plant’s YouTube channel, so pay a visit and see everything he has to offer.

And with today’s topic in mind, we recommend you check out the tutorial we posted from another top pro, explaining how to shoot epic photos of autumn by avoiding several common mistakes.

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