US Parent Arrested, Charged After Entering School Cafeteria To Have Lunch With Son

US Parent Arrested, Charged After Entering School Cafeteria To Have Lunch With Son

US Parent Arrested, Charged After Entering School Cafeteria To Have Lunch With Son

The district said the parent “blatantly disregarded all directives”. (Representative pic)

A parent-teacher conference at a US school ended with officials arresting a parent after they allegedly went to the cafeteria to have lunch with their son. According to the New York Post, the incident took place on Wednesday in the California Area School District. The unidentified parent came to the school for a parent-teacher conference when they entered the school cafeteria and tried to eat lunch with their son. California Area School District Superintendent Laura Jacob said that the parent “blatantly disregarded all directives” to the parent-teacher conference room and was ultimately arrested. 

In a statement shared on Facebook, Laura Jacob said, “The parent blatantly disregarded all directives to the parent-teacher conference room and decided to walk to the cafeteria “to have lunch” with their son. Further directives from the school principal and school police officer were challenged and the parent was escorted out of the building, handcuffed and arrested with additional police support”.

As per the statement, the parent was charged and will be issued a no-trespass order on behalf of the district. The district did not say what the parent was charged with. 

Ms Jacob called the incident a “breach of security” and said legal action will be taken against people who aren’t following protocols. “If a parent or any other individual disregards these protocols by accessing the building unattended, it is a breach of school security, leading to arrest and legal action under trespassing laws and school safety policies,” the superintendent said. 

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Meanwhile, in the comments section of the Facebook post, internet users called the arrest “ridiculous”. “My son goes there. And yes this is ridiculous! It’s a parent not a stranger! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when the school called. Totally uncalled for and bogus,” wrote one user. 

“This principal needs to be fired. Literally had a parent arrested for trying to have lunch with their child. These government employees are out of control,” expressed another. 

A third user said, “My sister is in the high school and it was never like this !!! It’s ridiculous”. “it’s one thing to tell the parent “hey, if you want to eat lunch with your son, please next time make sure you let us know ahead of time”. But to jump to having them arrested and trespassed is bonkers,” expressed a fourth. “I go to this school that’s crazy,” added a fifth user.