New Nat Geo Docuseries follows seven iconic photographers

New Nat Geo Docuseries follows seven iconic photographers

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National Geographic has announced its new series is coming to Disney+ and Hulu on March 19th. It’s called Photographer, and the six one-hour episodes document the journey of seven photographers across several genres.

Each episode follows specific photographers to document their creation process and how their images come to be. It’s been a while waiting for this one, but with the trailer now live, there’s not much longer to wait.

Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier – Win or Die

The first episode, premiering on March 18th, is called Win or Die. It follows Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier, the co-founders of SeaLegacy. The episode shows the pair travelling to the Bahamas to tackle oil drilling and document newly discovered seagrass.

Anand Varma – Hidden Wonders

Anand Varma is the subject of episode 2. Varma grew up dreaming that he would become a scientist like his father, but the camera turned out to be his calling. This episode reveals an inside look at Anand’s working style as he documents the development of chicken embryos.

Dan Winters – Life is once. Forever

If there’s one name that sticks out on this list, it’s Dan Winters. Having covered everything from celebrity portraits to documenting NASA, he’s done it all. This episode takes us around the world from the Kennedy Space Center, through to Iceland, and on into Bangladesh.

Campbell Addy – Feeling Seen

Campbell Addy is another who needs little introduction. This fashion photographer’s images have graced the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue. This episode follows Campbell as he reinvents and rediscovers himself and his professional photographic journey.

Krystle Wright – Heart Explosions

Krystle Write has been shooting travel and adventure photography for over a decade. Having shot in more than 55 countries, she’s a highly sought-after photographer in a male-dominated genre. In this episode, we follow Kystle on her journey to chase American tornadoes.

Muhammed Muheisen – Finding the Light

Pulitzer Prize-winning (twice) photographer Muhammed Muheisen is founder and chairman of Dutch nonprofit organization Everyday Refugees Foundation. He’s also a veteran conflict photographer, now using his photography for advocacy, activism and connection. His current mission is to document Ukrainian refugees displaced by the war.

It’s an exciting-looking series. I’m looking forward to watching it very much. It’s been a long time in the works, having first been announced by National Geographic in February 2021. Now, three years later, it’s finally done.

The series comes to Disney+ and Hulu, with the first two episodes premiering on March 18th. Episodes 3 & 4 go live on March 25th, and Episodes 5 & 6 are up on April 1st.