Google uses generative AI to turn your selfies into iconic works of art

Google uses generative AI to turn your selfies into iconic works of art

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Remember Art Selfie, the fun and sometimes hilarious Google Arts & Culture feature that lets you find your doppelgangers across art history? Google now brings you Art Selfie 2, a new feature that uses generative AI to match your face with iconic artwork. Only this time, you get transformed into a painting or a photo – and goofing around with this feature is as addictive as the old Art Selfie was.

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Art Selfie 2 was born out of a prototype from Google’s Artists in Residence program, the company explains. This feature lets you take a selfie alone or with friends and choose a style to apply to it. Then, using generative AI, the feature creates a stylized image, blending your selfie into the selected scenario, and it all takes a few seconds.

And what are the options? Well, there are many. You can see what you would look like as a hippie in Woodstock, a Frida Kahlo painting, a muse in Monet’s garden, and much more. Over 25 diverse styles are available at the moment, and you can regenerate each image if you’re not pleased with the results. Google promises that there are many more to come in the future.

What I found interesting and useful is that Google Arts & Culture lets you learn through this undoubtedly fun feature. You can read short snippets of text while waiting for your AI selfie to load, and then access stories related to your chosen style. Here’s an example:

You can download the Google Arts & Culture app for Android or iOS if you haven’t already. You’ll find Art Selfie 2 in the “Play” tab. Have fun, and Google encourages you to tag your work with #ArtSelfie2 on social media.