Bigg Boss 17: Shalin Bhanot Advices Abhishek Kumar To Exhibit Patience

Shalin Bhanot Advices Abhishek Kumar To Exhibit Patience

Bigg Boss 17: Shalin Bhanot Advices Abhishek Kumar To Exhibit Patience

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Bigg Boss Season 17 has officially unveiled its finalists – Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Mashetty. In a recent episode, the Bigg Boss sets witnessed a star-studded affair as various celebrities made appearances to cheer for their favourite finalists. Here’s a glimpse into who visited and shared their thoughts: First in the spotlight is Arun Mashetty, who received support from producer Sandeep Sikcand and Deepika Arya, the wife of Sunny Arya aka Tehelka (Arun’s best friend on the show). Sandeep Sikcand praised Arun, saying, “Arun was unique. Arun is different. Arun ko koi baggage nahi hai. Yaha pe sab log baggage leke aaye hai, koi ex-girlfriend ka, kisi ka shaadi ka baggage. [Arun has no baggage. Everyone here has brought some baggage, whether it’s an ex-girlfriend’s or someone’s marriage baggage.] He has come without baggage, and that is what I like about him. Inhone game saaf man se, genuinely, aur real kheli hai, jaise khelni chahiye. [He played the game with a clean heart, genuinely, and in a real manner, the way it should be.]”

Deepika Arya shared her husband Sunny Arya’s perspective, mentioning how since his eviction, he has been entirely focused on supporting Arun. She expressed, “Jab se Sunny yaha se evict huye hai, us bande ne mere se 2 minute bhi baat nahi kri hai. 24 ghante ‘Arun ko support karna hai, Hyderabad jana hai.’ Aapko (Arun) bhai nahi pata hai, mere pati se mera talak krado. Aap le jaao. Bahut dimag khata hai. Pura din ‘Arun-Arun.’ [Since Sunny got evicted from here, he hasn’t spoken to me for even 2 minutes. For 24 hours, it’s all about ‘I have to support Arun, have to go to Hyderabad.’ You (Arun) don’t know, ask my husband to divorce me. Take him with you. He is obsessed. The whole day is about ‘Arun-Arun.’]” Deepika Arya also became emotional as she mentioned how Tehelka had lost his brother and now sees him in Arun.

Stepping into the spotlight next is Shalin Bhanot, a familiar face from Bigg Boss Season 16, who lent his support to Abhishek Kumar. Addressing the treatment Abhishek has received from other contestants, Shalin expressed concern, stating, “Is bacche ke saath me, iske mental issues ka mazak banaya gaya hai. Jo yeh already ek problem se nikal ke aya hai, uske baad aap ye expect krte hai hai ki insaan same rahega. Nahi rah payega. [This boy has been made fun of for his mental issues. After overcoming a problem, you can’t expect a person to remain the same. It’s not possible.]”

When questioned about whether Abhishek Kumar has made mistakes, Shalin Bhanot responded, “Galti kis se nahi hoti? Insaan se hoti hai na. Lekin uske piche ka kaarn samjhe. [Who doesn’t make mistakes? It happens with humans. But understand the reason behind it.]” In the end, Shalin offered advice to Abhishek, encouraging him to focus and exhibit patience.

In a show of support for Ankita Lokhande, actress Amruta Khanvilkar made a special appearance on the show. When posed with the question of offering advice on how Ankita would face her in-laws given the constant disagreements between Anita and Vicky Jain on the show, Amruta shared her insights. She conveyed, “2 cheeze iske (Ankita) paas hamesha se hai – ek confidence, aur dher sara pyaar. Aur mujhe aisa lagta hai ki pyaar se koi bhi kisi ko bhi apna bana sakta hai. Jab miya-biwi raazi, to koi kya hi kya sakta hai. Jo bhi hoga acha-bura, ye vo dono dekh lenge for sure. [She has always had two things – confidence and a lot of love. I feel that with love, anyone can make anyone their own. When husband and wife agree, anything is possible. Whatever happens, good or bad, they will handle it for sure.]”

Amruta also advised Ankita, saying, “Believe in the love you have given and have faith in that.”

Actress Pooja Bhatt, who was also seen in Bigg Boss OTT 2, made a spirited entry into the house to shower support on Mannara Chopra. In a moment of theatrical camaraderie, Pooja playfully secured an imaginary crown on Mannara’s head and set the stage for words of admiration. Pooja Bhatt expressed, “Maine aapke crown ko fix kiya hai. Torture task aapne champion ki tarah nibhaya. Apne grace ke saath me yeh game khela hai. [I have fixed your crown. You’ve tackled the torture task like a champion and played this game with grace]” Her advice to Mannara left Munwar and Abhishek deeply impressed.

Karan Kundrra, a former contestant from Bigg Boss Season 15, shared words of encouragement with Munawar Faruqui. Offering support, Karan advised Munawar to let go of his mistakes and said, “Not everybody is going to love you. Not everybody is going to hate you. Simple! Ho gya. Ab muh latka ke baithna nahi. [It’s done. Now, don’t sit with a hanging face.]”

Imparting valuable advice, Karan continued, “I don’t want him (Munawar) to please everybody. Don’t be confused. Don’t be weak. Strong men make mistakes. And stronger men mend what they have done and move forward. Duniya to nahi khatam hui na? [The world hasn’t ended, right?] You had a fantastic journey. Tune sab ki respect rakhi hai. Sab kuch kiya hai. Duniya khatam nahi hui. Better hi hui hai. [ You’ve given everyone respect. You’ve done everything. The world hasn’t ended. It’s actually better now.]”

Bigg Boss Season 17 finale will be aired today from 6 PM onwards.