Amid Talks Of Flip-Flop, Nitish Kumar

Amid Talks Of Flip-Flop, Nitish Kumar’s Mar Jana Qabool Hai Video Viral

Nitish Kumar, sources say, may resign this afternoon for another alliance with BJP

New Delhi:

Amid reports that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is gearing up for his flip-flop in a decade and is about to join hands with the BJP again, a video clip from January last year has resurfaced on social media.

“The question does not arise. Mar jaana qabool hai lekin unke saath jaana humko kabhi qabool nahin hai (I’d rather die than tie up with them),” Mr Kumar had told reporters while responding to questions on parting ways with the BJP in August 2022 and reuniting with RJD and Congress under Mahagathbandhan.

As Mr Kumar made the remarks, his deputy and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav stood next to him. The eight-time Chief Minister had then said his decision to revive the alliance with the BJP was a “mistake”.

“Listen carefully. They (BJP) went through so much effort. They slapped cases against Tejashwi and his father to get me on board. Now again, they are trying to get after them. These people keep doing such things,” he had said.

His remarks had come in response to Bihar BJP leaders, who had said they would not be “cheated” by Mr Kumar again. “Nitish Kumar has grown hugely unpopular. It was his unpopularity that had caused his JDU to do badly in the assembly polls of 2020 when we did much better. Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed magnanimity in deciding to stick to the promise made before elections and Nitish Kumar, the habitual betrayer that he is, abused the PM’s trust,” then Bihar BJP chief Sanjay Jaiswal had said after Mr Kumar’s flip-flop.

“Of course, the chief minister has the proclivity to oscillate like a pendulum. But we are not going to be cheated by him again,” he had added. A month later, in February last year, Home Minister Amit Shah had said the doors of BJP have closed forever for Mr Kumar.

A year on, both Mr Kumar and the BJP are reportedly making preparations for another reunion, months ahead of the Lok Sabha election. The INDIA bloc, of which Mr Kumar is a key leader, will be left red-faced if the JDU leader exits the alliance so close to the general election.

The video with his “would rather die…” remarks is now being circulated to underline his repeated flip-flops across the political aisle. Sharing the video, Samajwadi Party leader IP Singh said he hopes Mr Kumar “will not cross the Lakshman Rekha” and stay true to this word. Many in the comments section pointed how another flip-flop will only hit Mr Kumar’s political image. 

Mr Kumar may meet Bihar Governor Rajendra Arlekar at 11.30 am today and resign as Chief Minister, sources have said.