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17 Photography Tricks that Will Make Your Jaw Drop (VIDEO)

The artful other folks at Snap Shoot are as much as their methods once more and this time those newest picture hacks will allow you to take your images to the following degree. In the video underneath, Snap Shoot photographers exhibit learn how to do the next 17 jaw-dropping picture methods after which display you the improbable effects afterwards.

#1 Flaming Tennis Ball

#2 Powder Hair Flip

#3 Falling Marble Droplets

#4 Kiwi Fruit Split

#5 Phone on Foot

#6 Paint Splash

#7 Colored Pencils

#8 Wet Tape Trick

#9 (*17*) Transparency

#10 Motorcycle Burnout

#11 Playground Fun

#12 Horse Sunset

#13 Final Moment vs The Moment

#14 Seashell Through Sand

#15 Through Flowers

#16 Colored Powder

#17 Splash Bottle

Watch all of them demonstrated underneath after which let us know which one is your favourite. Better but, take a look at a couple of of your favourite camera hacks from this record and display us your ensuing footage both within the feedback or on Shutterbug’s Facebook page.

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